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Following A Dream!!

Losing oneself in the mundane. Waking up from a long slumber a dream is reborn. Plans are drawn on napkins, hastily scribbled doddles getting new life. Lets beginning a journey.

Creating, exploring the mystique of The United States of America. Each state, a venue for the creative to capture its ever changing nature. Searching the environment through plein air painting displaying its essences, not with the automation of technology but the ageless expression of painting.

Plein air Set up

With the best of intentions and lofty ideas, roughly 3 months and countless miles, we set off on our American dream.

"Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure." J.K Rowling

Our minds are full of wondrous waves,

bring us to unknown planes.

Join us if you dare,

to feel a world that we deem rare.

Siobhan & Eileen Joyce

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